How TPM Can Prevent Breakdowns, Eliminate Manufacturing Delays and Create a Safer Work Environment

An important part of managing the manufacturing process is overseeing equipment maintenance. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a lean-based approach to managing equipment that helps prevent breakdowns, eliminate delays, and control for product defects. Without smoothly running equipment, even the most detailed processes and competent staff can’t deliver excellent results. Yet a smoothly operating maintenance plan can be challenging–as it requires clear accountability, detailed processes, and excellent communication.

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Too often, companies look at maintenance as a separate and costly activity that slows down production or distracts operators from maximum productivity. However, the reality is that breakdowns cost companies time and money, while potentially leading to safety issues.

TPM makes maintenance an ongoing part of the production schedule. Operators are empowered to take an active role in maintaining their equipment, both individually and as a team. Managers can rely on their workers to constantly be vigilant about maintenance issues, which helps reduce or eliminate surprise breakdowns.


5S is a foundational part of the way that TPM works. Using the five principles of the 5S system–sort, separate, shine, standardize, and sustain–you can quickly establish process, order, and accountability in the workplace. Everyone on the plant floor knows which tools are essential, where they should be, and what expectations are for maintenance and cleaning.

TPM then goes one step further and lets your associates drive the program by creating a sense of ownership. Ultimately, your team’s overall equipment effectiveness will improve through the development and implementation of autonomous, preventative, and predictive maintenance schedules and activities. TPM assists in developing the capabilities of your people, your processes, and your overall facilities. Each program is designed with your unique production setting, company goals, and challenges in mind.

The goals of TPM include:


The Incito Consulting Group’s Maintenance Excellence and Total Productive Maintenance deployment model helps companies:

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