Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning Workshop

Through the Incito Consulting Group Hoshin Kanri process, participants will learn how to use Hoshin Kanri as a strategic planning tool to establish the “True North” Vision for your organization.

Business enterprises often have multiple annual objectives and long-term goals, which can lead to team members falling out of alignment—even top managers. By using metrics to craft a Hoshin plan, both team leaders and other team members will be completely in alignment when it comes to realizing the action plan that takes your enterprise to the next level.

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Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning Workshop

Hoshin Kanri is a strategic planning methodology utilized as a way of aligning and assigning the company’s strategic objectives and priorities through all levels of the organization. A Hoshin plan takes top managers and supervisors into account as much as it does middle managers and entry-level team members.

An annual objective can only be met if everyone is aware of the particular objective at hand and can use indicators to see how the team is progressing towards short and long-term objectives in real-time. Hoshin Kanri is supported by the world-class Japanese thinking of putting principles strategically into practice.

Many Toyota Senseis attribute the roots of Hoshin Kanri as far back as 1645 when Miyamoto Musashi wrote, “A Book of Five Rings”, as a guide to kendo swordsmanship for samurai warriors. In this book, Musashi wrote that “If you are thoroughly conversant with strategy, you will recognize the enemy’s intentions and have many opportunities to win.” A Hoshin plan takes this spirit as a guiding tenet of the planning process.

The Hoshin Kanri Process

Hoshin is a Japanese word that is composed of two Chinese characters, “ho” meaning form and “shin” meaning shiny needle or compass. It’s useful to think of the Hoshin planning process as the process of crafting a customized compass for your organization — a compass that points to your enterprise’s “True North” Vision. Together the word “hoshin” means a “methodology for strategic direction setting.” In order for Hoshin Kanri to be successful for any organization, it is imperative that we follow Mushasi’s principle of, “Step by step, walk the thousand mile road.”

Through the Incito Consulting Group process, participants will learn how to use Hoshin Kanri as a strategic planning tool to establish the “True North” Vision for your organization. With this vision in mind, your leadership team can make a strategy map that takes the strengths and weaknesses of the entire organization into account. In addition, participants will learn how to establish their organizations, Vision, Mission, Core Values, and organizational roadmap to long-term success.

The Knowledge and Skills Attendees Will Gain
  • How to utilize Hoshin Kanri as a strategic planning tool to revisit and realign your company’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values.
  • Revisit and redefine your current strategic plan through the utilization of tools such as the Affinity Diagram, Relations Diagram, SWOT analysis, Radar Chart, Priority Plot, and Sequential Tree Process.
  • How Lean Leadership Behaviors impact the cultural success of Hoshin Kanri.
  • How to establish high-level organizational roles and responsibilities to successfully deploy your strategic plan, (Policy Deployment).
  • How to utilize planning tools, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to review current business activities and business environment as part of the review process.
  • How to validate and create key indicators for tracking performance against your Strategic Plan.

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