Incito Man Lean Simulation Workshop

Learn about the history of Lean/Lean Six-Sigma integration, the true principles of Kaizen/Continuous Improvement, 5S Workplace Organization and Visual Management, and more!

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Incito Man Lean Simulation

Our hands-on live simulation demonstrates how Lean methodologies can be implemented in a systematic approach to create customer-driven processes and drive operational effectiveness and profitability throughout an entire organization.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain:
  • The History of Lean/ Lean Six-Sigma integration
  • The True Principles of Kaizen/ Continuous Improvement
  • Systematic Identification and Elimination of Waste
  • Defining Value Versus Non-Value added activity
  • 5S Workplace Organization and Visual Management
  • Standardized Work and Training Within Industry principles
  • Principles of Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean for Service and Administration
  • Jidoka/ Quality at the Source/ Source Inspection
  • Error Proofing/ Pokayoke
  • Problem Solving
  • Lean Leadership Behaviors

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