About Us

Business Transformation through Creative, Innovative Solutions

Incito Consulting Group is an award-winning global professional services firm and experts in strategic enterprise transformations.

We have worked with some of the world’s most influential businesses, both large and small – and some of the most promising startups.

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Our client diversity improves our capability for understanding your market needs and focus. We bring the innovation, ambition, and focus of high-growth startups to larger companies. To smaller organizations, we bring Fortune 100 best practices and strategies.

Our clear and fact-based view of the business front-line is focused on Lean Six Sigma principles, and driven by a need to understand root cause and potential improvement. We are short on theory and long on pragmatic and actionable ideas. Through our lens, we provide insight, foster innovation, and drive creativity.

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively transfer knowledge, while also taking action through hands-on implementation, based on decades of experience with the Toyota Production System. Our clients realize immediate and sustainable change, while developing an integrated organizations with a True North view of success, a shared culture and a streamlined and efficient infrastructure.

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Incito can help transform your business and tackle your most important strategic challenges.