Lean Supply Chain Consulting

Perfecting your supply chain process is so important. The key to a smart supply chain is to minimize the possibility of error and minimize the impact of the unavoidable.

Getting your business from here to there

The global business environment is predicated on incredible feats of engineering and logistics. Container ships more than a quarter-mile long steam around the globe, carrying tens of thousands of tons of cargo. Parts from all over the world come together at just the right time. Goods travel the globe. It’s exciting, but there is a lot of room for error, waste, and inefficiency. For a business to remain competitive, they have to master the supply chain. That’s where Lean Supply Chain Consulting from Incito comes in. We help make sure that your chain has no weak link.

How Lean Supply Chain Consulting Can Change Your Business

So much of your business depends on the right parts being at the right place at the right time. But with all the variables–from the weather to labor strife to just plain human error–it’s easy for a chain reaction to form that spirals out of control, costing you time and money. And in a tight economy, the margin for error is smaller than ever.

That’s why perfecting your supply chain process is so important. The key to a smart supply chain is to minimize the possibility of error and minimize the impact of the unavoidable. Our Lean Supply Chain Consulting can do both. We evaluate and revamp your system, looking for inconsistencies and inefficiencies. We reduce redundancies where they are a hindrance and introduce redundancies where they will be a failsafe. We make sure that everyone in your team is working from the same book, from the factory in Fargo to shippers in Singapore.

With our expertise in Lean Six Sigma, we’ll streamline your decision-making process so that when something does go wrong, you can quickly fix it and implement a backup plan. You can’t stop a strike in Columbia or a storm in New Jersey, but you can make sure that neither will cripple your business. A lean supply chain can increase velocity, quality, and delivery while dramatically reducing inventory and waste throughout the entire process.

What Incito Consulting Delivers

The Incito Lean Supply Chain Deployment model focuses on:

  • Supply Chain Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and Roadmap Design
  • Lean Procurement Strategies
  • Lean Warehousing Deployment Strategies/Modeling
  • Lean Transportation and Distribution Systems
  • Lean Supplier Alignment Strategies

We work with you to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain, and continuously improve every aspect of your supply chain. Optimizing the supply chain will ultimately increase yield to improve labor efficiency, lower total delivery costs, increase flexibility, and significantly improve variable demand response times.

In a global economy, you can’t afford to have a sluggish and unresponsive supply chain. Connect with Incito Consulting today to find the weak links in your supply chain.

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