Total Productive Maintenance


Incito’s Total Productive Maintenance deployment model supplies organizations with change management strategies to support, lead, and mentor your organization through the improvement and transformation process by utilizing effective TPM and Autonomous Maintenance tools.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a lean-based approach to managing equipment that helps companies eliminate delays, prevent breakdowns, and reduce product defects. We understand that creating a streamlined maintenance plan can be challenging, since it requires detailed processes, clear accountability, and excellent communication.

How Incito’s TPM Consulting Will Help Your Business

Build routine maintenance into production schedules

Most businesses see maintenance as a costly, separate activity that slows down production. However, this can lead to safety issues. Incito helps businesses integrate routine maintenance into their schedules so they can avoid safety issues and save time and money when breakdowns happen. We empower operators to take active roles in maintaining equipment both individually and as part of a team.

Set maintenance metrics & KPIs to track process

TPM lets your associates drive the program by creating a sense of ownership. Your team’s overall equipment effectiveness will improve through the development and implementation of autonomous, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance schedules and activities.

Improve management of equipment and log history

Incito helps teams improve their management of equipment and log history. This streamlines the flow of information and accelerates maintenance activities and overall production time. TPM assists in developing the capabilities of your people, your processes, and your overall facilities. Each program is designed with your unique production setting, company goals, and challenges in mind.

Builds strong training, support, and mentoring protocols

Incito trains your company executives to provide state-of-the-art training, mentoring, and support to management and staff. We help you build a strong culture of training and provide mentoring protocols to drive progress and eliminate component-driven breakdowns. Our consultants also create an inspection schedule and checklists that teams and managers can complete on their own.

  • With Incito, they had the capabilities, energy, passion, and tools to unite my team. With Incito, we were able to bring our team together and agree on a unified vision statement.

    — Thomas Snyder | President of Silgan Containers

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  • Incito looks at a transformation with the culture first. The Incito team was really good about blending in, allowing us to be who we are, while still bringing in new concepts that we could fit into what we do. They taught us how to implement the processes and trained us to become Lean experts.

    — David Moore | President of Rex Moore

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  • There's a lot of opportunity in our industry to improve with Lean. It was comforting having Incito walk through our foundry, and specifically nail a couple of ideas where we could improve in their short first visit. Incito was right, because we tackled those areas and had some big successes.

    — Mike Emmerichs | VP of Operations at Pacific Steel

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Incito Offers a Variety of Services Around Total Productive Maintenance

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3P Lean Product Development Consulting

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