Kaizen Strategy Development

Implementing Kaizen is a total paradigm shift that creates an engine of ongoing improvement within the company.

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Training Within Industry and Standardized Work

Standardized Work is a people-focused tool designed to document work functions performed in a repeatable sequence, agreed to, developed, and maintained by each team member, be it on the production floor or within a service and administration environment. While it may seem like a small change, the Kaizen Philosophy often has a huge impact.

Implementing Strategies and Bootcamps to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Could the Kaizen Approach be the solution to implementing a lean strategy at your company in a sustainable way? Many business leaders envision lean initiatives as massive endeavors that require long training sessions, big meetings, and complete overhauls. Yet, the reality is that some of the most successful lean initiatives begin with a commitment to creating a culture that’s focused on continuous small improvements. These small improvements help you address the root cause of problems within a particular process in near-real-time.

Improving the Company Every Day | The Power of Kaizen
When you implement Kaizen, you:
  • Focus on standardizing your current work processes and then developing incremental improvements on them over time
  • Create a culture of problem-solving employees who are constantly on the lookout for waste, inefficiencies, and opportunities for change
  • Empower managers and employees at all levels of the organization to contribute their ideas regularly
  • Set a new standard in which the expectation is that the company’s operations get a little better each day
What It’s Like to Implement Kaizen Events

Envisioning a project with a start and end date is easy; it’s how most companies operate. Implementing Kaizen is a total paradigm shift that creates an engine of continuous improvement within the company. Kaizen is a daily activity, which goes beyond the confines of simple productivity improvements. It’s an entirely new way of thinking and doing business that eliminates waste, increases productivity, and engages every employee in next-level innovation.

Kaizen is a philosophy of continuous improvement in which every aspect of the business can and must be improved. It is a process that engages the “human element” while eliminating all forms of non-value-added activity and waste. Your workers’ talents and perspectives are your company’s most important assets. Through implementing Kaizen, it’s possible to harness your team’s collective focus and systematically improve all areas of your business—from individual steps in the manufacturing process to behind-the-scenes administrative work.

Kaizen Bootcamp: One Strategy for Getting Started

Getting started with Kaizen requires training your team to see lean improvement opportunities in every aspect of your business. Our Kaizen Bootcamp Deployment model and Bootcamp experience are specifically designed to build a culture of problem solvers that focuses on execution and commitment to results. When you’re incorporating Kaizen, you want to make sure it’s effective for your workplace.

Upon completion of the Incito Kaizen Bootcamp, participants will be able to effectively lead and drive Kaizen throughout the organization, with a practical focus on your company’s most important goals. These Kaizen events include concepts like PDCA. During the Incito’s experience, participants will learn how to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain, and continuously improve the following process:

  • A3 report writing
  • Kaizen checklist preparation
  • Kaizen charter
  • Kaizen agenda
  • Kaizen roles and responsibilities
  • Lessons learned (Hansei/reflection process)
  • Execution of new methods and implementing solutions
  • Sustaining and institutionalizing improvements

In practical terms, your managers will learn to lead effective teams that are focused on continuous improvement. Workers will see their perspectives as valuable and learn to spot opportunities to streamline critical processes. Ultimately, your entire company will develop practical strategies for upgrading performance again and again. By attending Kaizen events and learning concepts like PDCA and TWI, you’re giving yourself an edge.

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