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The original data-driven results-oriented set of techniques for improving every process. Your business is at the end of a collection of processes, and Six Sigma teaches you how to get the most out of all of them.

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Incito’s Lean Sigma Six Approach

Dedication. Drive. Discipline. 

These are the hallmarks of any successful business, but without the right coaching, they are just buzzwords. For your company to reach its fullest potential, you need Lean Six Sigma, the rigorous and proven methodology that has helped thousands of businesses achieve their goals.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

It is a structured, scientific method proven to improve every aspect of your business processes. It is about engaging in disciplined data collection and analysis and leveraging your existing systems through an integrated process of both Lean and Six Sigma. The end result is the elimination of waste, reduction of variation, and a steady process of continuous improvement. Sigma implementation is more than a stakeholder slogan: it combines two of the very best methodologies for operational excellence.


Teaching you how to reduce input while maximizing output: less waste, more value for your customers. Getting more with less is the goal of any business, and Lean gives you the tools to do just that. From lean manufacturing to general quality improvement, lean principles can benefit your entire project team, improve customer satisfaction, and help you analyze the root cause of your business strategy shortcomings.

Six Sigma:

The original data-driven results-oriented set of techniques for improving every process. Your business is at the end of a collection of processes, and Six Sigma teaches you how to get the most out of all of them. Your process map can then make you into more of a process owner. Sigma practitioners and stakeholders alike can then develop a control chart for quality improvement metrics.

How Does Six Sigma Consulting Work?

Sigma uses statistical methods and improvement projects to help you address the different variables impacting your business. Whether you are an internal consultant for one of the large companies in the United States or you’re helping your enterprise learn project goal best practices, Sigma training can help you do a site assessment, stamp out defects, and keep stakeholders happy. Once you know the root cause of the problem, you can enter the improve phase. If you want defect-free products or to improve your quality of care, it’s a good idea to start with the Six Sigma process and become a lean expert.

This leverages Sigma principles that large organizations utilize as a set of tools for a control plan. It helps to ensure total quality management. The Sigma approach is your roadmap as a business process consultant. Sigma focuses on quality management, continuous process improvement, and data analysis within the lean method. That way, you can cut out unnecessary steps, refine existing process applications, and use the analyze phase to address customer needs with lean training.

By including the Six Sigma methodology, you’re making it easier to find the root cause of the problem, develop a problem statement, achieve cost savings, and remove the causes of defects in your current process. Sigma techniques and Sigma methods help you take the next step towards better your output and strengthening your project charter.

No matter your specific needs, the Six Sigma approach has only grown in recent years. By using our training program, you can remove the root cause of inefficiency, meet customer expectation metrics, strengthen your workflow, and set yourself up for long-term success.

Lean Six Sigma Success with Lean Six Sigma Consulting

The fundamental success of the Sigma Methodology does not stem from any one given element, tool, or technique. It is a collective system that teaches empowered and engaged team members to strategically utilize Lean and Six Sigma tools and Sigma projects.

Our certification program relies on a set of quality management methods for business process improvement. Successful implementation of the Sigma process at the highest level allows you to take a closer look at your entire process, rid business problems, and give yourself a major advantage over competitors. This is because our team of experts uses a strong improvement methodology with the implementation of lean and other Sigma aims.

During Incito’s inspiring new process of the model, participants will learn how to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain, and continuously improve. From the start point, you’ll learn about the lean tools your project plans need to excel. Whether you’re developing a specific new idea or process variation or you want to rethink your project charter through the lens of Sigma quality, we are the first place you should start. We follow a simple 5-step Sigma process plan that sets you on the right path:

What are the 5 steps of the Six Sigma Improvement Model?

  • Step 1 – Lean Six Sigma Foundation and Stability
    • Vision Setting and Alignment
    • Launch Planning/Governance Team Training
    • Six Sigma Foundation
  • Step 2- Lean Six Sigma Analysis and Planning
    • Enterprise Value Stream Mapping/SIPOC
    • Six Sigma Deployment Master Schedule
    • P.I.C.K chart
  • Step 3- Lean Six Sigma Coaching
    • Initial Lean Six Sigma coaching through a modularized, hands-on process
    • Incito Man (Live Simulation)
  • Step 4- Lean Six Sigma Deployment
    • Execute DMAIC Kaizen (Six Sigma)
    • Team Based Problem Solving
    • 5S Workplace Organization
    • Statistical Process Control
  • Step 5- Expand and Sustain
    • Leader Standard Work
    • Gemba Leadership

Incito’s Sigma consultant coaching allows you to eliminate wasteful processes, maximize customer value, and select process improvements for total efficiency. We help you plan the future of your business while giving you the Sigma tools you need to get to that future. Our Sigma Certification isn’t just a tool: it’s the whole toolbelt of statistical tools. Connect with us today to learn more about our Six Sigma 5 Steps plan.

Continuous improvement serves your entire organization, from quality control to the development of new products and useful tools. The Sigma program can help you take the first step towards stronger business success and improve your baseline context of achievement. By becoming a Sigma practitioner, you’re improving the quality of process outputs, how you leverage information technology, and the quality of products your produce. Don’t let leadership be the cause of the problem. Meet with our Sigma experts and specialists to see how lean thinking can help you stamp out weakness.

Organizational greatness has always started from the top, and with Executive Leadership Training, CEOs and other execs can bring the full weight of their experience and talents to their business. Leadership development helps you be your best. You’ll do the same for your business.

Leading the way lets others follow and grow. Connect with Incito Consulting today to find out how to make your visions a reality with smart Sigma implementation.

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