Truth North Strategy Service

Our True North Strategy advisory service will allow your leadership team to reach consensus as they define a strategic plan for your business transformation.

One of the greatest challenges towards deploying a successful Lean transformation is the inability to align the organization’s True North Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Values across the entire enterprise. Without consensus around what you want to become, to achieve, and to realize your True North vision will be distorted.

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The alignment of a firm’s vision to their market demands, strategy execution, tactical actions, and daily activity is a critical link in the development of an enterprise-wide transformation, which is why any comprehensive plan needs to take the most accurate information into account. Incito’s True North Strategy consultants show our clients a new way to develop an engaged, integrated, organization with a common view of success, a shared culture, and a streamlined, efficient infrastructure.

We help organizations to review and clarify their vision, objectives, and key business strategies. Our True North Strategy advisory service will allow your team members to reach consensus as they define and plan your business transformation.

Incito understands how to guide your organization through the maze of aligning your “Why” to strategy and action. We help you answer the difficult questions:
  • What is our “Why?”
  • How do we “measure up” against our “Why?”
  • How do we measure success across our enterprise?
  • How do we harmoniously cascade our vision and performance across the entire enterprise?

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