Transform Your Enterprise With Incito’s Full Six Sigma Deployment

Lean Six Sigma is a project management methodology that has helped numerous businesses achieve their goals.

Lean Six Sigma aims to improve your business processes, reduce defects, and improve employee morale, profits, and quality of services and products.

Incito’s full Lean Six Sigma consulting can help you transform your enterprise and get the most out of your business.

How Incito’s Lean Six Sigma Consulting Can Transform a Business

Disciplined, data-driven, and result-oriented, Incito’s Lean Six Sigma enables you to get rid of your enterprise’s defects and keep stakeholders satisfied. By using improvement projects and statistics to help you conduct site assessments and find the root causes of problems, your organization will be able to eliminate unnecessary steps in business processes.

Our consulting program will train you to use Lean Six Sigma steps to strengthen your project charter. You will develop problem statements, save costs, find solutions to existing problems, and address customer needs.

Our Lean Six Sigma experts will help you and your team to spot and stamp out weaknesses to bring the best out of your enterprise.

Principles & Methodology of Lean Six Sigma

A powerful blend of two management methodologies, Lean and Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma is used in a range of industries from manufacturing to design.

Lean teaches you how to minimize input and maximize output to generate more value for your customers. It also helps you spot the causes of your enterprise’s shortcomings at every level of your organization, encouraging you to create new processes and allocate resources efficiently. Lean can be applied to every aspect of an enterprise.

In contrast, Six Sigma was initially developed for the manufacturing industry with the specific goal of using statistical analysis to reduce defect rates in production processes. 

Its popularity has grown, and its applications have expanded. Six Sigma can now be found in any industry you can think of. Six Sigma views work as processes that you can define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. This is known as DMAIC, which is generally used in processes that require incremental improvement, such as supply chain performance.

The other Six Sigma sub-methodology is DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design, verify), which can be deployed if the process at hand requires more than incremental improvement. For example, DMADV is often used to design new tools to solve problems. The verify phase helps to ensure that the new tool does actually solve the problem at hand.

Deploying Six Sigma using DMAIC or DMADV will allow you to control outputs by controlling inputs. A variety of tools — such as control charts, process mapping, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), and more — can help.

Building on Six Sigma’s goal to reduce defect rates in production processes and elaborating on Lean’s focus on eliminating waste, Lean Six Sigma aims to help you achieve effective processes that will help you maximize what you can get out of your enterprise. Lean Six Sigma also incorporates Six Sigma’s result-oriented techniques to help you keep stakeholders happy.

By adopting Incito’s full Lean Six Sigma methodology, you will gain an upper hand over competitors. From the very first step, you’ll learn how to update and strengthen your project charter, bolster existing processes, and create new process variations through the lens of Lean Six Sigma.

The Lean Six Sigma Process of Business Transformation

Incito’s full Lean Six Sigma workshop will teach you how the following five steps of business transformation:

  1. Lean Six Sigma Foundation and Stability  
    1. We’ll tackle how to set vision and alignment.
    2. Learn the importance of governance team training and launch planning.
    3. Understand the foundations of the Six Sigma methodology.
  2. Analyzing and Planning Lean Six Sigma  
  1. Discover a process for mapping your enterprise’s value stream or SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers).
  2. Explore how to deploy a Six Sigma master schedule.
  3. Learn how to create a PICK chart and apply it to your enterprise’s issues.
  1. Lean Six Sigma Training  
  1. We’ll demonstrate how to use and apply Lean Six Sigma using interactive modules.
  2. Interact live with our Incito Man Lean simulation course.
  1. Deploying Lean Six Sigma  
  1. Learn how to implement and apply DMAIC Kaizen (Six Sigma).
  2. Explore problem-solving in team settings.
  3. Understand the 5S workplace organizational method.
  4. Learn Statistical Process Control.
  1. Expanding and Sustaining Lean Six Sigma 
  1. Learn what Leader Standard Work means.
  2. Explore the importance of Gemba walks for executive leadership.

How Can Incito help?

Our Lean SixSigma consulting course will show you how to continually build upon existing business processes toward constant improvement. By becoming a practitioner of Lean Six Sigma, you’ll boost the quality of your products, process outputs, and relationships with customers.

Talk to Incito Consulting now to learn more about how Lean Six Sigma can make your visions for your enterprise a reality.

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