The Kamishibai Process Service and the Impact on Daily Management

Being a manager isn’t easy, regardless of what level of management a supervisor is working at.

Whether you’re supervising a team of two or 30, it’s crucial to maintain continuous improvement and an acute awareness of quality checks throughout the process. For example, a manufacturing supervisor needs to know all the nitty-gritty details that go with the standard work in their specific manufacturing process. This means staying on top of the workplace’s cleanliness, being aware of the schedule, and recognizing anything abnormal at a glance so that corrective action can be taken before it’s too late.

How can one person audit that many processes at once? Just thinking about it is overwhelming. Often, due to the erratic and all-consuming nature of supervising a manufacturing process, things get lost. That’s how consumers end up hearing about recalling products or safety warnings. Those are not good for productivity, efficiency, and the company’s bottom line. If you’ve been called to audit or supervise a specific area of your company’s manufacturing process, the Kamishibai System might be useful to you. Reason to learn how simple Kamishibai tools can transform your work.

Own the factory floor with easy visual control.

One problem with managing a massive space, like a factory floor or an office full of team members doing diverse jobs, is how to communicate everything efficiently to everyone. If something abnormal comes up, you need that to be clear immediately. Kamishibai takes this complex task of communication and simplifies it. What do you need people to know? That something is wrong and needs to be taken care of by the process owner, right? Don’t get confused by the various long-winded statements you could make about an abnormal process.

Instead, install a Kamishibai board somewhere visible. Populate the Kamishibai board with a series of cards that relate to the various processes at hand. Kamishibai cards have three colors: red on the bottom (warning), green on the top (exceptional), and yellow on the flip side (neutral). When the red side of a Kamishibai card is on top, the process owner knows that they need to step up and take notice. It’s a visual management tool that’s truly simple for any participant to use and maintains a central line of communication from the supervisor to every team member.

Take a Gemba walk.

How will you know about abnormal processes to make use of this powerful Lean tool? This, too, is simpler than we think it is. The practice of Gemba is another Lean tool that can boost efficiency and morale. By taking a meaningful Gemba walk around your facility or organization, you impress upon your team members that their work matters to you. You’re showing each participant in the process how much their role is important to the overall company success. Plus, you’re gaining insights into what’s going on at any given moment. Schedule these Gemba walks ahead of time so that participants know that you’re on your way and be mindful and inquisitive when you visit the various departments. The practice of Gemba can and will inform the Kamishibai process as well.

Storytelling is key.

The stories we tell ourselves impact how successful we will be. If your story is one of the challenges that can’t be overcome or a disparate team with feuding participants, all the Kamishibai boards in the world won’t help. It’s not enough to practice Kamishibai; you need to change your mindset as well. Remember that the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to business. Both Kamishibai and Gemba present ways of bringing the participants in the company life together, to reach higher heights than they would have ascended to on their own.

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