How Your Organization Can Benefit from a True North Strategy

True North is more than simply a mission statement.

Building a True North Strategy is something that all businesses should consider – if they haven’t already implemented this lean journey into the decision-making process. True North is a product of the lean learning concept pioneered by Toyota in the 1950s. It seeks to speak to the core values of a brand and is the first step in the process of integrating a lean journey into the strategic plan that will drive your business forward through continuous improvement.

True North is a mindset that acts as a compass for your brand’s future. By refining your mission statement, you can begin to implement this key step toward a culture change that will see your strengths brought to bear and weaknesses reduced over the long term.

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Begin with your “Why.”

Understanding the reason for your firm’s existence is the first step toward implementing the ideal state of your business plan and KPIs. The ideal state is the vision of your brand running without any glitches, hiccups, or bumps in the road. The ideal state might sound like a myth, but companies that rely on their “North Pole” for continuous guidance can achieve this business nirvana of sorts. The True North Strategy acts as an unparalleled guide when querying these core values within your stakeholder group. This metric is instrumental in workshopping where your business is headed. If you have lost your “Why,” then taking the time to return to the fundamentals of your business’ core philosophy is the right thing to do for your brand and its team.

This acts as the rudder – the compass – for your company’s long-term journey through the world of industry. Owners established most businesses to serve a niche need within the communities they serve. With the increasing access to the internet and digital channels of consumer spending, many firms are finding that their niche space has ballooned outward until they can’t see the philosophy that launched the brand in the first place. Returning to this “home” of sorts is the first step toward competent strategic thinking and future strategy deployment for the long term.

Simply put, the True North mindset offers a new way to identify and chase after your business’ ideal state.

Strive for continuous improvement that rejects complacency in your current condition.

Lean thinking is always striving for improvements. Modeled by Toyota executives as they visited Ford factories and grocery stores in the United States, lean thinking intends to shake up the current condition to find a new normal striving to achieve powerful breakthrough objectives. Your company’s True North lies at the intersection of your “Why” and the strategic goals that further the business processes that serve that purpose. These might be best practices in product development or metrics surrounding continuous service updates that benefit your clients’ daily lives.

Improvements to your business processes should always stack up against your corporate purpose. Measuring change within the firm against this static metric is a great way to maintain your bearing toward your brand’s True North ideal state. If you remain true to this vision, then you will always offer a presentation of your company’s best version, and one that serves the clients that you’ve fostered over the years admirably.

Implementing this mindset is the right thing to do for businesses of all shapes and sizes. A lean management system can trim the fat off your production or distribution processes and help you target the beating heart of your operation. Focusing on constant improvements that will drive business success for the future is the only way to meet your strategic goals for the future.

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