What to Expect with Six Sigma Training Workshops

When deciding if a corporate workshop will truly benefit your company, it can be crucial to know what to expect from the training itself. This can be an especially significant factor when considering engaging in Six Sigma Training Workshops. There is a multitude of information to comprehend, which increases the need to know exactly what to to expect to gain from such in-depth training. Arming yourself with the proper knowledge of Six Sigma training and what to expect is the ideal way to move forward with the best training practices for your corporation.

What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is built on the foundation of step zero, Six Sigma Leadership. From there, five additional DMAIC steps build on one another in order move an organization to function in the most efficient and cost-saving manner. The additional five steps used to gain this optimal function include:

  1. Define – drill down the core of the project and consumers of the process and/or project
  2. Measure – create a road map and quantifiable metrics for the project
  3. Analyze – determine current causes of errors and how to quickly bump performance
  4. Improve – identify long term methods of improvement, choose best from options
  5. Control – establish steps that ensure recreatable long term results

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What to Expect from Six Sigma Training Workshops

Proper Six Sigma Training Workshops should include dynamic, hands-on training to engage and inspire leadership and key employees. The group at Incito Consulting Group accomplishes this through a set of principal training tools to launch your team to the next level of success.

  • Review real-life Toyota Production System cultural methodologies from actual facilitators who have traveled the journey for decades with the company in Japan
  • Create a true vision for your organization (start with Hoshin-Kanri Planning)
  • How to build a culture geared towards continuous improvement
  • Inspire an unyielding pursuit for precision with complete eradication of waste
  • Training Within Industry (TWI), Building a Knowledge-Based Workforce

Combining these interactive elements allows for a unique, captivating learning experience is the ultimate method to streamline your organization.

Partnering with an established, trusted Six Sigma Trainer is key to garnering maximum results from your Six Sigma training. Allying with a team, like that at Incito Consulting Group, will maneuver your company to new heights in efficiency.  Contact Incito today to learn more about the program and start your organization on the track to Six Sigma success.