1. Vision

Strategy Deployment

The alignment of a firm’s market demands – to their strategy execution – to their tactical actions; is a critical link in the development of an enterprise-wide transformation.

Our collective mission is to define an organization that is harmonious around Vision, Objectives and High-Level Strategies.

The convergence of business leadership’s goals is a pre-requisite to success. Without consensus around what you want to become, to achieve, to realize – distorts the True North vision.

Incito understands how to guide your organization through the maze of aligning strategy to action. We help you answer the difficult questions:

  • How are we really doing?
  • What do we need to do to get better?
  • How should we do it?

The answer to these and other questions is critical to linking strategy to reality.

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What We Do

How are we really doing?

We help organizations to review and clarify their vision, objectives, and key business strategies. Our True North Visioning session will help your leadership reach consensus and is a critical step towards defining and planning for a business transformation. By assembling the right team, we can assist you in defining and designing your future state. The best-organized plan, executed without alignment, will fail. Incito understands how to roll-out transformation changes that will help avoid disruptive and poorly received acceptance.

What do we need to do get better?

In our work with companies, we have found that vision can only be effective when it balances with everyone’s perspective of the long-term direction of the organization. The vision must align with past successes, and the strategies and goals that implement the vision must change in light of external factors. Customer, market, and competitors must all be considered. Understanding how employees see the gap between the aspirations of the vision and their daily work lives is critical to alignment. Utilizing proven methods to synthesis this gap is paramount to identifying the linkage or disconnects between them. Our True North Visioning workshop format helps to demystify this alignment and assist your team in clarifying what’s important from the daily churn and noise that companies continuously face.


How should we do it?

Partnering with Incito’s team of transformation experts and your internal team of process experts will enable your vision to become a “living” document versus a “placeholder”. By helping you determine what you want to achieve, the methods to make the changes, prioritization of the changes, the social impacts, and the requisite metrics – is all part of our True North Visioning session. Collectively, and with consensus, management articulates the plan to improve the visual elements and determines the risk factor and mitigating elements for success. We guide you towards a clearer vision of success and translate into actionable deliverables (projects) and in turn, incorporate into a Deployment Master Schedule. The transformation plan articulates and clarifies the critical elements to discovering improved process quality and operational efficiency; as well as the key milestones and metrics to get there.