5. Sustainment

Engagement Support

Our engagement support drives four critical aspects of a Lean Leadership Model:

  • Creating a change platform and sense of urgency
  • Implementing quick wins to gain momentum
  • Coaching to ensure transition from disbelief to confidence
  • Coaching to achieve more than was thought possible

Most client companies are asking three key questions when it comes to their improvement initiative:

  1. How do we create stability within our deployment?
  2. Once we have a stable effort, how do we improve our capabilities and change velocity?
  3. If we do increase our capabilities, how do we sustain the momentum and gains?

The final phase of the Incito 5 Step Model establishes a sustainment methodology that will guarantee the longevity of your improvement efforts.


What We Do

The final step defines the four critical aspects of our Leadership System. In the absence of sustainment support tools, the efforts to reduce process or system performance gaps, the identification and elimination of root cause quality issues, process variation, and non-value-adding activities will be less than desirable. In fact, the most often cited reason for deployment failure is the lack of clearly defined sustainment guidelines.
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Global Standardized Work for Leaders (GSW4L)

  • Having the right information at the right place – cascading KPI’s
  • Correct review process to use the facts, leading to actions
  • Monitoring of progress
  • Systemic implementation

Organizational Design

  • Establish appropriate span of control
  • Define the Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
  • Develop roles that support change and improvement (self-sufficiency)
  • Build the deployment on top of the current operating systems

Capability Building

  • Develop Leaders that are coaches
  • Define the changed needs of the business and “revised” operating system
  • Developing the new behaviors and knowledge requirements of the people that support the system
  • Communicate expectations and performance standards

Continuous Improvement (Hansei)

  • Continuously challenge the status quo and drive the need for improvement
  • Organize and develop resource plans to adequately support the future state
  • Continually assess the effectiveness of the deployment and embed sustainability tools (control charts, performance dashboards, governance structures)