Standardized Work, (Training Within Industry) Workshop

Standardized Work is a people focused tool designed to document work functions performed in a repeatable sequence, which are agreed to, developed and maintained by each team member, be it on the production floor or within a service and administration office environment.


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Standardized Work principles follow closely the process of TWI which introduced in Japan post World War II and is a foundation to Toyota’s success in continuous improvement, and more importantly, in its ability to sustain improvements.

The purpose of Standardized Work is to establish a repeatable, predictable baseline for continuous improvement and to involve the team in both the initial and ongoing improvements to achieve the highest levels of safety, quality, delivery and productivity.

The Incito Consulting Group has developed a Standardized Work Implementation Workshop that supplies companies with change management strategies to support, lead, and mentor their organization through the improvement and transformation process by utilizing effective Standardized Work tools. This workshop will prepare management, staff and team members to effectively and methodically, document Standardized Work Processes within a given area or across your entire business system.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain

This Workshop also teaches the utilizing of Standardized Work forms such as: