Getting to the Root of It

Did you have to weed the backyard when you were a kid? If you were like most children, you probably tried to do as little as possible, and couldn’t understand when your parents said you had to pull up the roots. “But the weed is gone!”, you’d protest. Of course, it wasn’t; the problem was still there, ready to bloom again, and quickly. It didn’t go away just because you couldn’t see it.

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That’s what too many businesses do with their problems, whether it is an issue in the supply chain, in a process, in workplace organization, or in personnel. They paper over the symptom without addressing the root cause. At Incito, we know that isn’t true leadership. We utilize effective Problem-Solving Circles, also called Quality Circles, to make sure that every part of the issue is being addressed. Moving forward doesn’t mean striding blindly: it means figuring out the solution that lets your organization learn, develop, grow, and succeed.


Quality Circles Square It Up

Our Quality Circle training helps you identify any issue from every angle. This is important because a problem is never just cause/symptom/solution. Every mistake, every lapse, every flare-up has a number of causes.

Similarly, every symptom radiates out to affect more than those immediately involved. Truly addressing problems by finding and fixing the root cause means taking a step-by-step, analytical approach to your organization’s issues.

The Quality Circle training at Incito helps you do just that. During Incito’s inspiring deployment model, participants will learn how to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain, and continuously improve the following process:

The Benefits of Effective Problem-Solving

By utilizing Quality Circles, organization can improve morale and teamwork while collectively arriving at the root cause of any problem. Quality Circles also helps increase bottom-up and two-way communication. By doing so you are improving product quality.

At Incito, we work with you to create a shared language in your organization–a tool to effectively communicate any issues before they become problems, and to solve ones that already are. Maybe you feel like you’re going around and around on some problems. With Quality Circle training from Incito, you can get back on the straight path toward success.

Effective problem-solving solutions help your organization grow. Connect with Incito Consulting today to find out how your organization can identify and solve the problems it faces.