Problem Solving Circles

Effective Problem Solving, or Problem Solving Circles, are crucial in today’s working environment because it allows organizations to solve the root cause of problems, not just a part of the problem. Problem Solving allows us to solve the real problem, and it ensures that the problem is not just being “contained.’ It makes certain that it is solved by way of the root cause.

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By utilizing Problem Solving Circles organization can improve morale and teamwork while collectively arriving at the root cause of any problem. Problem Solving Circles also help employees increase their self-development and helps increase bottom-up and 2-way communication, and at the same time improving product quality.

The Incito Consulting Group has developed a Problem Solving (Circle) deployment model that supplies organizations with Problem Solving strategies to support, lead, and mentor their organization through the improvement and transformation process by utilizing effective Problem Solving tools that creates a common language and can be used by anyone within your organization.

During the Incito’s inspiring deployment model participants will learn how to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain and continuously improve the following process;