The foundry and casting industry faces tremendous challenges in today’s competitive environment. Modern metal casting and foundry providers have evolved so far beyond their early metal-working roots as to be nearly unrecognizable. They’re streamlined, forward-thinking and innovative producers that maximize their manufacturing of castings and components that are used throughout a wide variety of other industries. The most successful foundries achieve their goals with well-trained teams, a culture of continuous improvement, and sustainability initiatives that lead to the best outcomes for customers.

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The industry understands the importance of increasing world-class quality, capability and innovation while dramatically reducing lead time and increasing first pass yield. The size, viability, and complexity of the industry requires a focus on quality that can only be achieved through the use of a customized lean methodology.

Incito’s work with the industry’s leading producers focuses on:

More than ever, the need for product flow, the total elimination of waste, and the relentless pursuit of perfection has sparked an industry-wide movement towards a total Lean Enterprise. The Incito Consulting Group utilizes decades of experience to assist you in the design and deployment of practical, real-world Lean Six Sigma solutions within the metal casting and foundry industry. Are you ready to learn more about our work implementing lean strategy and tackling industry leaders’ most demanding strategic challenges? Contact Incito Consulting today for more information.


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