Transforming a business is about getting everyone on the same page, and that’s uniquely difficult in the healthcare industry. You can’t have all staff in meetings over the course of a week. Massive disruptions can mean disastrous results. Working in a hospital, clinic, or private practice is about delivering the best services to your patients, and any business transformation has to take that into account.

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Incito’s unique approach to lean healthcare focuses on generating real change, while minimizing disruption and quickly getting results where it matters most: patient care. It means we’re able to keep patients as the top priority while refining your healthcare process to be fast, efficient, and responsive to changing regulatory and technical climates.

Incito Helps Healthcare Providers at Every Stage of Their Process

Every stage of hospital operations is critical to patient health. Incito’s Lean and Six Sigma processes can seamlessly overhaul every stage of your healthcare practice. Among other benefits, Incito helps you:

Experience in Lean Healthcare Means Success for Your Organization

Lean and Six Sigma in the healthcare industry isn’t implemented overnight. Incito has years of experience implementing lean methodologies at different businesses, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices. We take the transformation process step by step, at the pace that’s right for you.

After identifying the areas that need work in your organization, we target the 10% of people whose influence and example in adopting lean transformation for healthcare will transform the entire operation. These are team leaders, decision makers, top staff, and the administration. By changing the process at the top, we increase efficiency in hospitals in a way that impacts every part of the organization.

At Incito, Going Lean in Healthcare Means:

You know how to serve the community. You have a mission that is important in today’s society. We won’t disrupt that; we’ll just help you perform it with less waste, more efficiency, and a better decision-making process. Lean training in healthcare means a better world for patients, and we love being part of that.

Technology and regulatory shifts are changing the healthcare industry. Lean and Six Sigma in hospitals, clinics, and private practices can transform your business without disrupting patient care. Incito is your partner in faster, more efficient, and less wasteful healthcare. Connect with us today to learn more.


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