The Lean Enterprise Cultural Transformation Workshop

The fundamental success of a true Lean Enterprise Transformation does not stem from any one given element, tool or technique, yet is the product of a collective “cultural” system which integrates the strategic utilization of these tools practiced each day, by everyone consistently over time. A Lean Enterprise consists of an end to end methodology that integrates the concepts of waste elimination through total team member involvement- supported by a culture of problem-solving and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

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Businesses must significantly reduce costs, increase the velocity of their product development cycles from concept to launch, improve quality to meet international standards, and significantly reduce lead times.

As these changes have become more complex with less time to comply, most organizations have succumbed to rapid “cost-cutting” solutions that have negatively impacted the organization from an operational, organizational and most importantly, cultural perspective.

During the Lean Enterprise Cultural Transformation Workshop, participants will learn how to dramatically empower and engage your workforce in an effort to remain, agile, dynamic and successful as demands grow more complex.

Knowledge and/or skills attendees will gain

Through the dynamic and interactive TOTAL LEAN ENTERPRISE Simulation, participants will be engaged, inspired and will learn: