3. Knowledge

Learning for Life

The Incito Consulting Group prides itself on the transfer of relevant and current continuous improvement knowledge. Our approach is based on the premise that our mission is to act as “coaches”. Our Lean-Do approach to teaching and mentoring our clients through the many tools and principles of Lean Six Sigma is driven by an end goal of client self-sufficiency. Not only will the Incito team mentor your team with their proven methodologies, but will provide you the opportunity to develop and nurture your own internal team of process improvement experts.

We are firm believers in the “inversion” of the organizational triangle. We help you build an entire culture of Problem Solvers that implement world-class solutions to everyday problems.

Incito is uniquely positioned and highly qualified to exceed your internal CI training needs as you seek to entrench the culture with a continuous improvement mindset, but also to ensure the sustainability of the results.


What We Do

Our approach to client education focuses on Cultural, Behavioral, and Emotional Change around 4 specific themes:

  1. Creating a change platform with a sense of urgency
  2. Implementing quick wins to gain momentum
  3. Coaching to ensure transition from skepticism to adoption
  4. Mentoring to achieve more than was deemed possible

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Our training menu offers a range of INSIGHTFUL, INSPIRING and INTERACTIVE workshops that will provide participants with the knowledge and strategic philosophy required to drive Lean Enterprise transformation across your organization. In addition, we will equip participants with the enthusiasm and implementation skills necessary to prepare for your journey to Lean Excellence.Our proven adult learning methodologies have provided participants with the skills to achieve dramatic and sustainable results across multiple organizations and industries. We offer an entire spectrum of manufacturing and service (transactional) training modules designed to meet your needs.

Sample Training Offerings

Incito offers an entire spectrum of training modules covering all aspects of continuous improvement methodologies. We can also customize any training session to meet your specific requirements.

Example Courses
    • Lean Leadership
    • Lean Enterprise Principles
    • Certification Courses (manufacturing or service based)
      • Yellow Belt
      • Green Belt
      • Black Belt
      • Master Black Belt
      • Lean Master
    • Lean Supply Chain
    • Lean in IT