There are few industries that entail more planning than construction, and few where that planning can be knocked more off-kilter. Labor disruptions, supply shortages, workplace injuries, sudden increases in gasoline, new zoning regulations, the discovery of ancient pottery, even a few weeks of bad weather: there are a million factors that can cost the construction industry time and money. In today’s tight market, though, there isn’t much room for error. That’s why the construction industry can use Lean Six Sigma and other consulting techniques from Incito to create a process that’s fast and flexible enough to succeed despite any storm.

Lean Six Sigma for Construction: The Right Tools for the Job

At your worksite, you know which tools are needed to do the job right. At Incito, our tools are the Lean Six Sigma training process we’ve crafted and perfected from our years of experience working with the construction industry. Lean Six Sigma gives you the tools you need to improve every aspect of your business process, from long-term planning to all-important project bidding to deciding on which sub to hire. We create a cohesive whole for your business, so your supply chain is operating on the same level as the people in payroll.

We know that on a job site, everyone has to be on the same page, or disaster can strike. That’s why we also use Training Within Industry (TWI) programs for construction. Our TWI programs cover Job Instructions, Job Methods, Job Relations, and Program Development at every stage of your operation.

What Our Lean Six Sigma for Construction Delivers

What your construction company needs is a common view of success, a shared culture, and a streamlined, efficient infrastructure focused on maximizing value and eliminating waste. This change in industry culture must be based on communication, collaboration, and most of all, mutual trust and respect.

Through our Lean Construction Enterprise (Project Based Deployment) process, we help you:

We know that a building can’t be too rigid, or it will get knocked down, no matter how strongly built. There has to be flexibility. It’s the same with your business. Incito Lean construction consulting helps firms plan for the future while staying adaptable to handle the ever-changing conditions on the ground today.

Get the tools you need to build your future with Lean Six Sigma training and Lean construction industry consulting from IncitoConnect with us today to learn more.


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