Lean Visual Management and Visual Control Consulting Can Be Transformative

From the manufacturing floor to clinical settings, today’s businesses rely on complying with complex and highly regulated processes to create products, treat patients, and deliver an excellent customer experience. Business leaders are always on the lookout for tools to improve communication and performance management. The 5S approach to workplace organization–a type of lean visual management–can help overcome common challenges and improve productivity in the workplace.


Understanding the 5S System

The 5S System serves as visual shorthand for five steps to help companies eliminate waste, gain control over the workplace, and ensure that processes are being followed as efficiently as possible. The five steps include:

Visual Management: Improving Performance and Communication

Lean visual management systems like 5S are designed to provide effective information flow and communication through visual signals and controls, which allow your organization to perform at the highest levels. Management clearly communicates its most important priorities. Workers always have a quick, easy-to-understand reference to guide them through the steps of a complex process or make informed decisions about what to do next in their work.

Forward-thinking organizations understand the concept of building stability and improving capability through safe and effective Visual Management and Visual Control Systems. 5S–and other lean approaches to visual management–can help companies to optimize their workspace and improve the flow of information.

Incito’s Lean 5S Process: A Customized Approach to Visual Management and Visual Controls

Incito Consulting’s team provides expert guidance on implementing 5S strategies and visual management controls that are customized to your unique industry needs and business environment. Participants will learn how to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain, and continuously improve the process of:

A smooth workflow begins with an optimized workspace. 5S and other visual management systems help companies eliminate waste, set up the workplace for maximum productivity, and easily communicate expectations and processes to managers and workers. By employing visual management tools, you’ll be providing your team with the information and support they need to achieve their most challenging business goals.

Are you ready to explore how 5S workplace organization and lean visual management systems could help transform your business? Contact Incito Consulting today to learn more.