Engaged Culture Development

In industry, there’s often a misconception that Lean is about identifying inefficiencies and saving money. While it is true that Lean thinking can help your company make better use of its human and capital resources, that is just one outcome. Another, and perhaps even more important result of effective lean thinking, is increasing the engagement of the “Value Adders” of your people. An inspiring lean deployment model helps you clarify your True North vision, provide your team with clear guidelines for achievement, and implement the systems to reinforce and produce excellence every day. To truly develop an engaged culture, a strong foundation must be established.

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The most successful companies empower all of their employees to participate fully in change initiatives. Great ideas don’t just come form the C-Suite. In fact, your most innovative solutions to problems and opportunities for growth are often suggested by people who serve your customers day in and day out. Find ways to engage employees for ideas. Welcome their suggestions, questions, and high-level engagement in the processes that affect their jobs. The more engaged employees are, the more willing they will be to follow your lead and explore new opportunities.


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