Lean Consultants Help Hospitals Use Lean Principles During Facility Design and Construction

lean consultants and hospital facility design

If you're like many people, you think of people and processes when you think of lean initiatives, but sometimes lean is more than that. Sometimes lean thinking is embedded into the very design of buildings themselves. Increasingly, organizations like hospitals and manufacturing plants are using lean principles to develop the architecture of their buildings. For example, many hospitals are now asking the question: how can
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Target vs. Actual: How Overall Equipment Effectiveness Can Improve Plant Floor Performance

overall equipment effectiveness to improve plant floor performance

When one manufacturing company that I ultimately worked with decided to tackle the problem of losses in production, they were reacting to a small but insidious decline in production. They decided to implement an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) plan that measured their actual output against what they planned on producing. Within 6 months, performance was at an all-time
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How Food Industry Leaders Are Thinking About Their 2017 Lean Enterprise Transformation Plans

2017 lean enterprise transformation

I have worked with companies in the food sector for two decades, and I don’t think that companies have ever faced a more dynamic and challenging business environment than they do now. The fundamental way organizations operate within the food industry is changing, and 2017 promises to see some major challenges for the business sector. Lean management is helping food companies make the necessary enterprise transformation pl
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Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare Eliminates Potentially Life-Threatening Prescription Errors

lean six sigma prescription errors

As a lean consultant, there’s nothing more concerning than hearing about issues that could potentially cost people’s lives, yet were totally avoidable with the right amount of planning. Recently, I consulted with a local hospital that performed a quality management audit and found that their margin for prescription error was incredibly high. Patient care was suffering. They decided to hire a lean six sigma consultant to assess their current process
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