What to Expect with Six Sigma Training Workshops

When deciding if a corporate workshop will truly benefit your company, it can be crucial to know what to expect from the training itself. This can be an especially significant factor when considering engaging in Six Sigma Training Workshops. There is a multitude of information to comprehend, which increases the need to know exactly what to to expect to gain from such in-depth training. Arming yourself with the proper knowledge of Six Sigma training and what to expect is the ideal way to move forward with the best training practices for your corporation.

What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is built on the foundation of step zero, Six Sigma Leadership. From there, five additional DMAIC steps build on one anothe
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How Lean Consultants Use Data to Increase Clinician Participation in Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Programs

lean consultants and healthcare

Healthcare is a data-rich field, and I have seen firsthand that getting your most important clinicians and talented staff on board a lean six sigma healthcare program requires a clear plan to use data. Recently, one New York area hospital needed to decrease their patient length of stay and hired a lean consultant to establish six sigma strategies that would improve related processes. The hospital leadership had been unable to get the majority of clinician
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