Reducing Waste for Maximum Profits in the Food Manufacturing Industry with Strategic Lean Consulting

reducing waste in food manufacturin with lean consulting

A meat processing plant wanted to discover a way to maximize their profits. They had been processing mostly lunchmeats through their plant, but were continuously losing money. They needed to find a means to assess how it was happening, to "trim the fat." They decided on a lean management plan which included visuals, labeling, and an entire auditing process. They used the 5S program to identify waste, and immediately began c
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Lean Consultants Help Hospitals Use Lean Principles During Facility Design and Construction

lean consultants and hospital facility design

If you're like many people, you think of people and processes when you think of lean initiatives, but sometimes lean is more than that. Sometimes lean thinking is embedded into the very design of buildings themselves. Increasingly, organizations like hospitals and manufacturing plants are using lean principles to develop the architecture of their buildings. For example, many hospitals are now asking the question: how can
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How a Lean Consulting Firm Can Focus Your Manufacturing Company’s Leadership Development Strategy

lean consulting for leadership development in manufacturing

If "leadership development" seems like a buzzword to you with little actual meaning, maybe you need to look to lean strategies. For manufacturing businesses especially--which are suffering heavily from the brain-drain impact of people retiring during today’s mass Baby Boomer exodus--it's crucial to identify top talent and onboard new hires that have the potential to really grow the business. Howe
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Improving Retail Food Sales Performance: How Lean Consulting Supports Better In-Store Performance

lean consulting in retail food sales

With a new year underway, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve performance--both mine and that of customers. Complete overhauls are often hard. They take tremendous willpower, commitment, and planning. However, incremental improvements can take your achievements and performance to a whole new level. Following the right process leads to the best outcomes. For example, making a daily gym trip your process leads to weight los
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