How a Lean Consulting Firm Can Focus Your Manufacturing Company’s Leadership Development Strategy

lean consulting for leadership development in manufacturing

If "leadership development" seems like a buzzword to you with little actual meaning, maybe you need to look to lean strategies. For manufacturing businesses especially--which are suffering heavily from the brain-drain impact of people retiring during today’s mass Baby Boomer exodus--it's crucial to identify top talent and onboard new hires that have the potential to really grow the business. Howe
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How Lean Strategy Can Take Manufacturing Leadership to the Next Level of Performance

lean strategy and manufacturing leadership

If your company leadership isn’t engaged and leading the charge on lean initiatives, it’s impossible to make the strategic gains you need to be competitive. This was the undercurrent at a meeting I recently attended with a manufacturing company that wanted to reduce their waste and increase profits. Frankly, the situation was one we see all the time--when the company first implemented lean techniques, they were facing many challenges due t
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Lean Consulting Strategies That Can Help Hospitals Overcome the Leadership Gap

lean consulting strategies in hospitals

When a lean healthcare initiative is failing, everyone who is involved can feel it. I’ve seen it time and again. Leaders who were at the helm pull back and even work to disassociate themselves from a project they see as dying on the vine. As a result, lean initiatives struggling to gain traction with unenthusiastic or overly busy teams either don’t take off, or they get left behind. One of the number one problems lean consultants see
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Lean Thinking and Leadership Development: Cultivating the Food Industry’s Next Crop of Leaders

lean strategy and leadership in the food industry

As I stood in the boardroom, the CEO paced the room. “Our biggest challenge is finding the right talent to take our company into the next decade and to the next level,” he said. Many of the company’s top leaders were set to retire in the next year, and this baby boomer exodus was taking critical market knowledge, experience, and contacts out of the company. Yet, numerous different attempts to recruit the ri
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