Create a Sustainable Business

The best organizations are the ones that can turn chaos into order and turn disparate parts into a system that prizes speed and efficiency. Consider the NASCAR pit crew. Anytime a car pulls in, a crew of eight people leap over the wall, change four tires, fill the gas tank, and clean the windshield in 13-15 seconds. Any more time can cost a race. In a high-pressure, loud situation, they succeed with planning, training, and most importantly, organization. Everything is in its right place, ready to go. This is the model for your business. This is why 5S Workplace Organizational Consulting from Incito can give you the order and stability you need to create a sustainable business.

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Understanding 5S Organizational Consulting

Every workplace is going to be full of waste and redundancy. You might not think that physical obstacles can actually make a difference when it comes to planning, but they can. Going through wasteful processes, being unsure of where to put a document, or who to send it to, or what room files go in, can be a daily drag on your team and one that distracts from your long-term goals.

At Incito Consulting, we work with you to develop a plan that makes your workplace efficient and free from waste. It’s a matter of evaluating your entire organization and using our years of expertise to give you the tools you need to create a working plan. We’re your partners in the process, using the time-tested 5S p.

The heart of 5S Workplace Organizational Consulting is the systematic identification and elimination of waste. We do this by using 5S principles to define value-added versus non-value-added activity and to establish a link between practical problem solving and the 5S process:

A Partner From Beginning to End

As we move through the day-to-day, even some of the best-laid plans can fall to the wayside, and before you know it, you have the same wasteful procedures and same irritating clutter (imagine a time-lapse of a teenager’s just-cleaned bedroom to picture how clutter can quickly creep back in). That’s why we don’t just evaluate your organization — we emphasize sustainability. To implement the sustain deployment model, we institute reaction and recovery plans, failure resolution ideas, and a 5S audit process to guide you, and we partner with you to see it through.

If there is waste in your organization, it is blocking you from reaching your highest potential, hurting day-to-day activity, and preventing you from meeting your long-term goals. You may never need the speed of a pit crew, but our 5S Workplace Organizational Consulting keeps you fast, focused, and ready for the next lap.

Are you ready to explore how Incito’s team of experienced lean experts can help your company upgrade your organizational management process? In a fast-moving economy, you can’t afford to have a disorganized office and process slow you down. Connect with Incito Consulting today to find out how to be as fast as your vision.