How 3P Lean Product Development Can Transform Your Product Management Process

Product development is the heartbeat of your organization. New products fuel growth, keep customers coming back for more and channel your company’s unique solutions into a single product or service that the market can react to. Yet launching a new product takes a tremendous amount of work–and often it’s all for nothing. 

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Eighty-five percent of new products within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, for example, fail within two years. The Production Preparation Process (3P) is one of the most advanced and powerful tools of Lean Enterprise Transformation. It can help ensure that your company is developing products that will thrive in the market while streamlining systems that help you get them there every time.


3P Lean Product Development: Bringing Lean Upstream

In many cases, companies only apply lean to solve existing problems with their company, products, or production process. However, 3P lean product development brings lean thinking further upstream and guides the product design process. By eliminating waste through product, process, and service design, companies can ensure that their design and manufacturing processes are fully optimized–before they invest a dollar in marketing or manufacturing.

Here’s how the process works: with 3P, companies develop an effective process that integrates multiple departments into the product planning workflow. The full product development process is integrated across the company, and results in a streamlined process that eliminates waste and allows each department’s priorities to be reflected in the final output.

3P helps companies meet customer needs by increasing the velocity of the development and the test and process design of new products, processes, and services. With 3P, companies can develop strategies that take into account the insights of all their key employees to create a better product development strategy. Ultimately, products get to market more efficiently and quickly.

Implementing 3P at Your Company

By implementing 3P processes, your company will design products, processes, and services in a way that eliminates wasteful and redundant steps. At the same time, through the use of “right-sized” methodologies and processes, you’ll be providing agile, flexible, and dynamic processes that exceed customer needs and expectations.

Incito Consulting’s 3P Deployment models focus on:

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